Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Every year, Blue Monday comes around and leaves everyone feeling down in the dumps. This year, it may feel even bluer than usual and - whilst we can’t get rid of COVID or magic away the lockdown - we at Retrospecced want to help you see and feel a little brighter this Blue Monday...

Embrace the blues and get yourself a pair of upcyled frames with blue control lenses!

In a year that is set to be more computer-based than ever - argh Corona! - it is vital that you have the perfect work-at-home set up. That means a comfortable, ergonomic chair and a groovy backdrop but it also means glasses that help you to use a computer or laptop screen for several hours a day. By cutting out the glare from screens, you might also see an improvement in your sleep!

Blue light filter lenses cut the glare from electronic devices.
Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

Our blue light filter lenses are a fantastic choice for those of you who find yourselves glued to electronic devices. The blue light filter is built into the lens itself, rather than just being a film on top of it which you see in some cheaper options. They cut out the glare from screens by filtering out blue light rays, preventing them from entering your eyes and causing significant eye strain and associated headaches.

It’s possible to have a blue light filter with or without a prescription - simply choose it as an option when you’re selecting your lenses on Even if you don’t normally wear glasses but are feeling the effects of increased time on a laptop - we can turn your chosen vintage frames into a headache-relieving pair of glasses! Prefer a more modern look? We've got an awesome range of designer frames too!

We love these blue Ralph Lauren frames! Just £35

From just £50 for blue light filter lenses, we can ensure that you are doing everything you can to prepare for a the next few months of working at home, zoom quizzes and Netflix screenings.

What’s more, we also have an amazing selection of funky blue vintage and designer frames for sale! So, whether it’s blue light lenses you’re after or a pair of blue spectacles to add to your wardrobe, Retrospecced has got you covered this Blue Monday.

Gorgeous 1940s - 60s champagne, gold and blue cateye frames. These will brighten up your day!

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