New Year, New (Retro) Glasses?

New Year, New (Retro) Glasses?

2020 was a long, extraordinary and unprecedented year...

Full of uncertainty and ambiguity, it left us hoping that the year to come is full of positivity and new possibilities. Are you looking for a new perspective? Not to mention a funky new pair of glasses? Retrospecced is here to help you start the new year off right - we’ll have you seeing clearer in 2021!

Have you thought about upcycled frames for your next pair of glasses?

If you want a new look and some new glasses, but are looking for a more sustainable option than buying a brand new pair then look no further! Our upcycled vintage and designer glasses play a small - yet important - role in this movement. We understand the significance of reducing waste and reusing old items when we can, by selling frames that would have otherwise been destroyed or discarded. We believe in sustainable shopping and slow fashion, and when you buy a pair of Retrospecced frames you’ll be seeing clearly with a clear conscience. Our opticians can offer advice on which lenses might be best for you, and we now offer a vast range of lens options to suit every budget.

What’s more, a RetroSpecced purchase will benefit more than one person. While a pair of funky frames will add some excitement to your wardrobe, it will also provide someone else with improved vision. We donate 20% of every frame purchase to Vision Aid Overseas on your behalf, contributing to their amazing work providing vision care across Africa.

After the fog of zooms and online quizzes, it is likely that you feel ready for a change. The pandemic has forced us to re-examine our lives and the things we prioritise on a day-to-day basis. In crisis, you realise what is important and it is clear that both physical and mental health and wellbeing are at the top of the list. Investing in glasses that allow you to see is crucial but at Retrospecced we provide glasses that do more than just that. Our amazing selection of frames help you to see but will also make you feel confident, and confidently different!

The glasses you wear everyday should be special - especially when they’re often the only accessory you can show off during a zoom call! - and with retro frames from the ‘60s on your face, you’ll be feeling bold, cool and ready for what 2021 has in store.

So start the new year off right and buy a pair of glasses with a difference.

For a £5 discount voucher use NEWYEAR5 at checkout – valid until the end of January 2021.

We’ll have you seeing clearer and ready to face a new year!

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