Size Guide

Your Perfect Fit, Our Precise Guide!

We want to make sure your new sustainable eyewear fit's just perfect and our guide below will help you compare measurements from existing frames you already have to the frame measurements featured on each individual product. Getting the fit right first time also helps save on resources and reduces the carbon footprint of each order. 

Lens Width 

The distance across the lens measured from the bridge. This distance can be dependent on the style of the glasses chosen, for example round glasses will have a smaller lens width. People with high prescriptions are better to keep the lens width as small as possible, as the greater the lens width the thicker the lenses.

Retrospecced frame measurements for glasses and sunglasses

Lens Depth 

The depth of the lens at the greatest point. A frame needs a minimum Lens Depth of 28mm to accommodate varifocals.

Retrospecced frame measuring guide glasses and sunglasses

Bridge Width 

The distance between the lenses which sits across your nose. The greater the bridge width the wider the bridge across the nose.

Retrospecced frame measurments for glasses and sunglasses
Temple Width 

The width of the frame across the inside of the front of the frame from temple screw to screw. This indicates the width of the frame, and is a great measurement to compare to your existing spectacles.

Retrospecced frame measurements guide for glasses and sunglasses

Temple Length 

The length of the side from the dowel point to the end tip. It's important the side length is long enough to sit over your ear. 

Retrospecced frame measurements for glasses and sunglassesYou can find these details on the measurements tab of your chosen glasses or sunglasses, but if you’re still unsure of the size of any of our specs, or how these compare to your current frames, get in touch with us at