Spectacle Care

So you have embarked on a journey to wear retro/designer up-cycled spectacles, we have fitted fabulous prescription lenses to them and they look amazing.  Nurture them with care to make sure your sustainable eyewear choice, is as green as can be.  

One of the most common problems committed by spectacle wearers is taking them off with one hand. This can cause undue stress to the frames, distorting the shape, and potentially damaging the frame. It's also advisable to discourage wear on top of your head, which particularly done with reading glasses and sunglasses. This too can alter the shape of the spectacles, often loosening them, causing them to slip when worn in the primary position.

It is recommended that when not wearing your spectacles to stow them in your spectacle case. Firstly it should help you locate them, and secondly it will help to protect the frame and prevent unnecessary damage, such as throwing them in the bottom of your bag, or sitting on them on the sofa.

If placing your spectacles on a surface, ensure spectacles are face up,  thus helping to prevent scratches to the lenses. Do not expose them to high temperatures, like the car dashboard as the heat can damage the lenses, and also distort acetate frames.

Cleaning your spectacles should be part of a regular routine. We suggest that your rinse them with luke warm water and a mild hand soap, avoiding products which contain solvents or alcohol. Dry them with a clean soft cloth, your Retrospecced microfibre cloth is perfect. You may also wish to use a specialist lens solution which is specific for spectacle lenses. Please take care when cleaning frames with intricate detailing such as diamanté, hand painted frames or those made of special materials such as wood, leather or fabric.