About us

Retrospecced started it's journey from a commitment to sustainable fashion. Founded by the passionate mother-daughter duo, Tracey and Lucy, Retrospecced focuses on recycling and refurbishing retro and designer frames, aligning its mission with their eco-conscious values. A social enterprise up cycling vintage and designer frames. 

Having worked alongside Vision Aid Overseas (now Vision Action) for many years, when the charity changed it's model, we began supporting Lions Clubs International. We have donated and will continue to raise funds for the charity, enabling them to continue their god work. Buying a pair of Retrospecced frames means not only will you be supporting the sustainable fashion movement but you will also be helping those in the developing world to see, work and support their families.

By choosing up-cycled eyewear, you're making a conscious choice to embrace sustainability.

Choosing Retrospecced for a fabulous, unique look means you're not only getting a pair of funky glasses, but you're also supporting an ethical, sustainable fashion movement. You are also supporting our partner charity Lions Club International, helping them to continue their fantastic vision care programmes across the world. Our frames are refurbished to the highest standards, and as they are up-cycled you get affordable fabulous eyewear at a fraction of the cost.

Handing Over the Reins

Lucy's growing family and work commitments, meant she needed to step back from the business and so they decided it was time to hand over the reins.

In September 2023 Retrospecced gained a new lease of life.

My name is Emily and I am proud to be the new owner of Retrospecced. With over 15 years experience in the optical industry as a qualified optician, and a great love for eyewear and sustainability, it made sense that I take Retrospecced on its next adventure. 

Emily owner of Retrospecced sustainable retro and designer eyewear.

Core Principles

Our commitment to up cycling designer and retro frames remains unwavering, ensuring that eyewear can be stylish and sustainable, with minimal environmental impact. Simultaneously we will continue in our mission to support vision charities, reinforcing our belief in the power of business to do good. Let's create a greener, better, brighter future. 

Retrospecced sustainable, up-cycled eyewear. Affordable designer glasses.

Opticians Dedicated to Your Vision

As a qualified optician I will always be on hand to offer expert advise, be it lenses or frames. Style and function need not be comprimised. Our custom lenses start from just £29.00. Our experienced glazing house can expertly glaze any of our frames with prescription or sunglass lenses, allowing you to fully customise your purchase for a unique look!  

Join us in embracing the past while creating a better future for the planet and your eyes.