We want to thank you - our wonderful customers - for making 2020 a year full of successes and big donations!

We raised a whopping £2941.20 for Vision Aid Overseas and the Lions Club, and contributed to improved eye health across the globe.

That’s pretty amazing and it’s all thanks to you!

2020 was a remarkably abnormal year - to say the least! - yet, despite the uncertainty that COVID-19 brought about, we had a great year here at Retrospecced because of you - our wonderful vintage glasses-loving customers!

In a year that could have left us worse off, you came through, and if you’ve managed to help us raise £2941.20 for charity in a year full of chaos and unpredictability, the sky is the limit for 2021!

With that money, Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) can carry out some fantastic - sight saving - work. In the last 12 months, 53,592 eye tests have been carried out and 31,781 pairs of glasses have been prescribed.

Image courtesy of VAO

This coming year, VAO have plans to carry out a second round of mobile eye care school visits in Sierra Leone; create a manual that will help to train more eye care workers in Zambia; and finalise plans for a new eyecare programme in Ghana - set to start in April.

Your purchases also helped the Lions Club, with donations enabling them to prevent avoidable blindness and improve quality of life for those who are blind and visually impaired. They are continually donating to research surrounding eye health and vision impairment across the globe, and we are playing a part in that!

Image courtesy of the Lions Club

In fact, thanks to the Lions Club, we are starting the year off on a good foot and have got ourselves some incredible new stock! Much of it is deadstock meaning that it has NEVER BEEN WORN so many of the glasses will be more than ready for a loving home!

There are some stunning spectacles to choose from so check out our website before the funkiest frames get snatched up!

These £79 Neostyle frames are straight out of the 80s and are BEAUTIFUL!
And these £79 pale pink vintage Cateye frames are to die for!

Thank you again for your support this year. We are so proud to have such loyal customers who - like us! - are striving to live and shop sustainably.

Across the country, more and more people are striving to shop with small, local businesses rather than international - often unethical - companies and brands, and it is fantastic to see. What’s more, shoppers are slowly becoming more likely to use sustainable businesses that give back to the world in some shape or form, rather than corporations that simply take away and exploit. We are proud to be a part of this movement and are grateful that people are catching wind of its importance!

With every upcycled retro or designer pair of frames sold, we are having an impact. We are reducing the waste produced by the fashion industry, reusing the amazing glasses already in the world, and upcycling gorgeous frames that are tailored to you!


Keep shopping ethically, continue sharing your eco-purchases with friends and family, and carry on rocking our funky frames so that others - across the world - can see! Here’s to a year of even bigger successes!

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