Winter sun!

Winter sun!

The clocks have gone back and the sun is now setting at an alarmingly early rate, this can only mean one thing…only 8 months to Summer 2019!

All jokes aside, winter is around the corner and so too are the chilly temperatures. This means its time to switch up the wardrobe. Find that favourite oversized knitted jumper, consume vast amounts of soup and don the infamous bobble hat….

1960s Retrospecced vintage frames upcycled in to sunglasses

The sun may be rising later and the nights drawing in, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still bright out; the sun can still do some serious damage to our eyes.

The heat may have disappeared but the light this time of year can be just as intense. Our eyes still need protection from the sun's UVA and UVB rays - especially if you’re lucky enough to be spending the upcoming months surrounded by any snow! Because snow is reflective, up to 85% of the sun's UV rays are reflected upward, meaning you really need to make sure you're protecting your eyes. (Information from the Vision Council of America; stay tuned for a blog post with more information on this soon).

A pretty statement Chanel pair of sunglasses (just £64 total from Retrospecced)!

It’s also worth noting that its not just our eyes that we need to protect but also the skin around our eyes. By wearing sunglasses we can prevent premature formation of fine lines, brown spots and skin dehydration. So if you’re considering retiring the summer shades for the winter think again. Unless you realise that you now need a new über cool winter pair, if so read on…

Take a look at our current 5 fave frames on our website! All of which would make a great pair of winter sun specs (just add tinted lenses from £29!).

  1. Cateye Black brow and gold sides £29
  2. Large Brown and Gold Mosaic £29
  3. Michael Kors brown tortoishell £35
  4. Gold Plated round gold metal 1940’s frame with curl sides £29
  5. Black Ray-Bans with red interior £35

Let us know your favourite pair in the comments below, and remember to stay safe and protect your eyes this winter.

All of our retro and vintage glasses frames are upcycled, and we donate 20% of what we sell each frame for to Vision Aid Overseas on your behalf. We use a high-quality glazing house to make sure that your lenses are top notch (with UV protection, of course)!

Blog post written by, and starring, the beautiful and talented Paris Richardson. Thanks Paris!

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