Retrospecced: the sustainable eyewear solution

Retrospecced: the sustainable eyewear solution
The following blog post is a re-post of an article written about us by the wonderful Emily at The Honest Consumer. Check out her blog, the place to be for sharing the stories of social enterprises, spreading the word about ethically made products, & empowering consumers. Recently you all have been asking me where I got my new, fun frames? The answer is Retrospecced! They’re providing a sustainable, socially responsible solution for eyewear. Retrospecced is a social enterprise that recycles and refurbishes retro and designer spectacle frames. AND they give back too! So fun! Retrospecced founders, mom and daughter duo, Tracey and Lucy found an innovative solution after experiencing the frustration of high priced frames. After Lucy’s prescription had changed ever so slightly, she struggled to justify $300-$400 on a new pair of glasses when her Prada frames were in pristine condition. Lucy also wondered what to do with her pristine Prada frames after purchasing new ones. She looked into donating them, but learned that most donated frames are recycled for their scrap metal value. Lucy didn’t want her beautiful Pradas to go to waste, so Lucy & Tracey founded Retrospecced as a new approach to repurposing donated frames. Through Retrospecced’s partnership with Vision Aid Overseas, Lucy and Tracey refurbish and upcycle antique, retro frames (like Lucy’s old Pradas) and donate 20% of their profits to Vision Aid Overseas. Vision Aid Overseas provides vision care for people in need in Africa. According to Retrospecced there are over two billion people in the world who need eyewear, but don’t have access to it. A lack of eye care can affect education, jobs, and other opportunities for individuals to lift themselves out of poverty. Vision Aid Overseas is able to reuse basic frames by teaching locals how to fit and insert new lenses for glasses. This creates jobs within Africa and is a more sustainable solution than trying to match discarded glasses to a new person. In the near future the dynamic duo hopes to travel to Africa with Vision Aid Overseas and see their impact first hand. Retrospecced carries a variety of retro styles and designer names such as Christian Dior, Ray-Ban, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and more. Not only does Retrospecced work with vintage designer frames, but they also have current designer frames. Retrospecced is happy to accommodate prescriptions. Their team has the ability to put your custom prescription in any pair of their upcycled frames. While based out of the U.K., Retrospecced is an online business and ships worldwide! YAY, we can all have sustainable eyewear! Retrospecced also accepts your old frames, if you’re unsure what to do with them!
I had the pleasure of receiving some Retrospecced glasses with my prescription lenses in them. I absolutely adore my new frames! Seriously, so fun! The fun colors in my frames and large shape add some retro style to my appearance. The frames are high quality and you would never guess that they have been previously used. They are in mint condition! If you wear prescription glasses and are fed up with the unreasonable prices of new frames or just want a more sustainable option, I highly recommend checking out Retrospecced.
Use the code HONEST15 for 15% off your new glasses valid through the end of October. For more tips & tricks on conscious consumerism be sure to follow The Honest Consumer on social media! Shop our range of upcycled designer & vintage frames now!

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