We've got a Spring in our step

We've got a Spring in our step

The daffodils are in bloom, little lambs can be seen prancing about the fields, the sun isn’t setting whilst we're still working, and in every tree a birds nest has appeared.

Spring is officially here and our team at Retrospecced couldn’t be more excited.

Spring is a symbol of hope, life and growth and that is exactly what we need right now. After a winter full of uncertainty, darkness and gloom, we are feeling more positive and are ready for the next chapter!

So, as well as channeling positivity and optimism in the next few months, we plan to be showcasing some stylish spring looks…

Spring fashion from the comfort of home

When you have nowhere to go, it is hard to muster the enthusiasm needed to put together an outfit everyday. The beauty of this year’s trends is that they can be worn around your kitchen, in the garden or whilst you do the weekly food shop (because that’s the only day out we get at the moment!)

Wide leg trousers and floaty numbers are all the rage right now - and what’s not to love!?

Sitting at a desk all day means that a comfy waistband is a must. Tight jeans and rigid structure are not what we need. Instead, sporting a floaty, floor length, floral number, or a billowing pair of bright trousers is in fashion.

Paired with some flowery frames or pastel spectacles, this is a spring look we will be turning to on the daily!

Bold colour and funky shapes

What’s more, bold colours and geometric designs are in, and that’s good news for us because our Retrospecced shop is stocked full of unique shapes and block colours!

You can't go wrong with a monochromatic look as they are so chic and so easy to put together.

To go with a black and white look, how about these neostyle frames?

Or these cateye glasses? You can't go wrong with fabulous flicks!

Tortoiseshell never looked so good

As if that wasn’t enough inspiration for your spring wardrobe, brown is the new black and that’s welcome news for tortoiseshell.

To bring out the browns in your tortoiseshell frames, try pairing a crisp white shirt with a pair of brown trousers for the home office, or - if it’s a summery sunday look you’re after - pair some tortoiseshell sunnies with a brown hat, a brown linen dress, or a strappy brown top.

Sustainability is IN

It’s not just these looks that are in style this spring. Sustainable fashion is all anyone is talking about and we are here for it! In fact, plenty of designers are choosing to upcycle, using deadstock fabrics and creating patchwork patterns for their collections.

Whilst round spectacles are in, so is the circular economy! And whilst you’ll look amazing in some clear frames, you’ll also be left seeing clearly with a clear conscience.

Isn’t it amazing that looking good and doing the environment some good can go hand in hand!

Being environmentally conscious has never looked better!

The point we want to hammer home is that yes, there may be certain looks and trends that are in vogue this Spring.

However, for us, the most important trends and fashion choices are those that are sustainable.

Whether you want to wear a floaty number or a monochromatic look - or none of the trends mentioned! - that’s OK.

As long as we continue to strive for slow fashion and sustainable choices where we can, that’s what matters.

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