We are proud to work with the wonderful charities Vision Aid Overseas and the Lions Clubs International. We donate a portion from every sale to them on your behalf! These donations equate to providing an eye test and pair of glasses for someone who really needs them for every pair of Retrospecs that you buy!

Across the globe, they are fighting to make a difference and improve global eye health one step at a time.

This week, Vision Aid Overseas are taking part in the Big Give Campaign.

If you donate to their Big Give campaign before December 7th, your contribution will be DOUBLED!

So read about the incredible work they do below and please donate to this wonderful charity if you are able.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

The key to any health problem is catching wind of it early on and seeking help as soon as possible. This couldn't be more true for eye health.

Many children suffer with vision problems for years before realising that it is stopping them from reaching their full potential. Not being able to see the board or struggling to read text in front of them can have debilitating effects. It can impact their education but also their health and Vision Aid Overseas realise this.

‘80% of what a child learns is processed through the visual system, yet 12 million children worldwide struggle to learn simply because they need glasses’

Vision Aid Overseas are contributing to a change in attitude and are encouraging both staff and pupils to take note of eye health early on. Discussions are being had about vision and it will have a long term impact.

‘Children with visual impairments are falling behind <...> but school eye health programs, which provide vision screening and eyeglasses <...>, are a simple solution

Let Them See for Themselves

Taking control of your own health is one of the most empowering things you can do and that is yet another goal that Vision Aid Overseas have.

Instead of spoon feeding health care and information to large groups of people, it is important that communities seek medical attention for themselves. It should become a part of everyday life and regular walk-in clinics or visiting optometrists are a way to achieve this.

In order to create sustainable practice, it is vital that people don't rely on someone seeking them. This longevity of Vision Aid Overseas' strategies and services is something that they always consider to great extent:

‘Our goal is to ensure that these Vision Centres are self-sufficient, and each vision centre has a tailor-made business plan, with income generated from the sale of spectacles being reinvested into the vision centre. Using this approach, the Vision Centres can become self-sufficient in the long-term and can independently provide quality eye care for their local communities’

No One is Left Behind!

In order for a charity to really make a difference, everyone needs to be included - no matter how accessible they are.

Vision Aid Overseas have strived to be as inclusive as they can and have a community outreach programme that seeks to help those in even the most remote locations.

‘For people living in very remote communities, outreach services can be their only hope of improving poor eye sight. Outreach is often a person’s first ever experience of receiving quality eye care and glasses’

Just because you live in a distant location, does not mean you shouldn't have access to vision.

Lansana and Ismail are Optometry Technicians and their centre was set up by Vision Aid Overseas. However, 80% of potential patients who need eye care live too far away to visit. The charity have been encouraging people to donate in order to provide them with 'a motorbike, petrol and portable eye testing equipment, so they can go help the people who need them most.'

“The poorest people can’t come to us, but we can go to them!”


When you #GiveTheGiftOfGlasses you are giving more than what you can see. Without eye care, parents struggle to earn enough to provide for their families, and children struggle to learn at school. Gifting a pair of glasses for just £5 means you give the gift that keeps on giving!

Join Vision Aid Overseas in their #ChristmasChallenge21 on The Big Give platform - the UK’s biggest matching fund!

Donate between 30th November and 7th December and have your donation DOUBLED. Let’s spread some Christmas Magic!

#HelpTheWorldToSee this year!

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