(Not so) Blue Monday!

(Not so) Blue Monday!

And just like that, another year has passed.

We have survived 12 more months of uncertainty, chaos and time spent at home.

So we're using (Not so) Blue Monday as an excuse to celebrate!

Blue Monday is upon us

Supposedly the saddest day of the year, Blue Monday came about in 2005 when it was calculated to be the most depressing day on our calendars. What with the cold weather and dark skies, we can see where it came from but we are inclined to think differently.

After a tumultuous 2021, we are full of hope and positivity about 2022 and want to start it off right! We have loads coming up this year and are looking forward to a calendar full of funky frames.

So we are going to start by turning Blue Monday into a day all about eye health!

Why Blue is for you

As we spend more and more time in front of our screens, it is more important than ever to prioritise our eye health. Long periods of time in front of devices can play havoc with your sight and it is vital to ensure that you are protected.

According to BlueTech, 'our eyes have not evolved to provide filters against this type of artificial light prolonged exposure may lead to macular cellular damage, which may lead to loss of vision.'

It's never been so important! They go on to state that:

43% of adults have a job that requires prolonged use of a tablet or computer

70% of adults that regularly use electronic devices report symptoms of digital eye strain

93% of teens have access to or have a computer

We are here to help

By investing in quality blue light lenses, you can give your eyes a helping hand. To ensure that your frames are screen-friendly and non headache-inducing, it is an added cost of £50. £50 you won't regret!

We pride ourselves on stylish glasses that deliver. As such, our Blue Control lenses are not just a film on top of the lens but a specific lens crafted and tailored to you.

Watch our resident optometrist Tracey explain the range of lenses we offer below... All of which can be adapted so as to include Blue Light technology!

Learn more about our lenses and pricing here

Not just substance but STYLE

Whilst the science is great, we also have some amazing blue frames in our shop that will get you looking and feeling COOL. Whether chunky, sleek or trendy, we've got the pair for you. Look at some of the brilliant blues we've got on offer.

Check out these cool Neostyle frames straight out of the 80s!

And look at these funky Tommy Hilfiger frames!

Check out our shop for more!

Bring on the Blues!

Get yourself a pair of sustainable specs and keep those eyes feeling healthy and looking stylish!

Thank you for shopping with retrospecced and for choosing second hand fashion.

One pair of glasses at a time, we are helping out the planet and it's definitely not got us feeling blue!

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