Our first vintage fair!

Our first vintage fair!
It’s been nearly a week since our first vintage fair, which was held in the Town Hall in Oxford. It was one of the Lou Lou’s Vintage Fairs, and it was fantastic! The people we met, both other stall holders and those of you who came over to our stall for a chat and to try on our frames, were all lovely. It is the first time that we’ve taken Retrospecced out and about to the public (I don’t think Instagram counts as real life!?) and it was really great to hear such positive feedback about our fabulous variety of frames, and also our upcycling ethos. There seem to be a lot of like-minded souls out there! Oxford is a town which is close to my heart, so it was fitting that this was our first fair. I studied Earth Sciences here for my first degree, and I felt really nostalgic driving through the centre of town! The hall itself was stunning – just check it out on the photo above! The original Guildhall was built on the site in 1292 and was replaced by the first Town Hall in 1752, designed by Isaac Ware. In 1891, an architectural design competition was held for a new building on the same site and the local architect Henry Hare won with a Jacobethan design. The 1752 building was demolished in 1893 and the current building was completed in 1897. The new building originally housed the public library and police station as well as the city council. During the First World War, the building was converted into the Town Hall section of the 3rd Southern General Hospital. From 1916, it specialised in treating soldiers suffering from malaria – none of whom were present at the weekend, but it’s a fascinating building! We took hundreds of genuine vintage frames along with us – people seemed quite surprised to realise that none of ours were reproduction, they’re all the genuine article! It was so much fun chatting to people as they tried frames on and working out together what suits them best. Many of the frames that we took aren’t yet on our website, we are uploading more daily! Please do keep an eye on our shop for the new arrivals. A big thank you must also go to my friends Alys and Marieke who were superstars and helped me out on the day! Our next fair is another Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair, in Bristol on Saturday 14th April at the Tramshed. If you are in the area please do come along, say hi, and try on some outrageous 1980s frames! Also, if you have any vintage fairs that you would like us to attend, please let us know where and when and we will do our best to be there! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with everything we have going on!

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