Going on lots of sunny walks? Squinting whilst you read in the sunshine? Missing a funky addition to your summer wardrobe?

We’re making you an offer you can’t refuse.

Enter our competition and win a FREE pair of sunnies!

You have until the 27th June to enter and be in with winning a vintage, statement pair of sunglasses.

All you have to do is tell us what kind of specs you are looking for and what you are looking forward to this summer. Yes, it’s that simple!

And look at some of the INCREDIBLE sunglasses we have on offer...

Return to the 80s with these stunning gold sunnies!

Or channel your inner diva with these hexagonal statement frames

These are just so classy

And these will take you back in time to 1950s New York

...And there's even more on our website!

So why a competition?

We want to look after our loyal customers after the chaos we’ve all been through. That means encouraging you to take care of your eyes and - in turn - your mental health!

Summer months should be care-free, active and stylish. Poor eye health, harmful UV rays and cheap sunglasses that don’t protect your eyes should not be included in the summer package.

So enter now and tell your friends and family - you’ve got nothing to lose!

Let's get technical

Our resident optician Tracey has been telling us about the importance of eye health and how it is so often overlooked despite the fact that we rely so heavily on our vision!

'It is vitally important to ensure that your sunglasses offer full UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun's rays. This is as true in summer as it is in winter. All of the sunglasses we sell at Retrospecced have full UV protection so you can be assured that you don't only look good, but you're also protecting your eyes from sun damage!'

So check out our competition here and take care of yourself this summer whilst you frolic in the sun, read in the garden and enjoy a cold pint in a beer garden.

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