Glasses for everyone

Glasses for everyone

We pride ourselves on the many frames that we save from landfill.

We strive to provide all spectacle enthusiasts with funky glasses that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Yet, on top of environmental efforts and stylish finds, we are passionate about ensuring our business model has a social conscience. Today is Social Enterprise Day and giving back to communities all over the world is a vital part of the Retrospecced ethos.

Endless style

Our shop is currently stocked with some incredible pieces, both old and new(er!) With womens designer frames at your disposal, vintage cateye glasses at your fingertips, and mens retro lenses on offer, there is something for everyone.

Retro red and gold frames

Special accessories deserve to be given long lives and we are proud that such beautiful spectacles with such rich stories get to start new chapters with new owners. Glasses sold at Retrospecced own us for a while, not the other way around!

Unisex square grey-black glasses

Waste not, want not

Saving incredible vintage glasses from landfill is another perk of the Retrospecced business. An estimated 4 million pairs of glasses are thrown away each year. Glasses that we simply grow bored of or fail to repair. Glasses that remind us of an old chapter when we want to start afresh. This statistic is mind-boggling; instead of throwing away, we must change the attitude to repair or recycle.

We strive to stop as many wonderful designer and retro frames from going in the bin as possible. At Retrospecced we give old things new life.

Style, planet, PEOPLE

Today - on Social Enterprise Day - we celebrate that we are giving back to people too. Amongst promoting unique style and advocating for recycling and reusing, we are partnered with vision charities across the globe. Social endeavours are a fundamental part of Retrospecced.

In fact, we are passionate about enterprise being as social as possible. More and more people are creating business models that give back to community and we believe even more should jump on the band waggon: why not make money AND contribute to a greater cause?!

For us, social enterprise means refurbishing and upcycling frames, and then donating 20% of the profits from the frames sold directly to Vision Aid Overseas and the Lions Club - amazing charities that believe in sight for all. Buying a pair of ‘Retrospeccs’ means that customers will not only be supporting the sustainable fashion movement but will be helping those in the developing world to see and work and support their families.

Social Enterprise is the future of business. Generate profit and give back to the local community, the country, the planet.

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