Self-employed carpenter - Mapepala Musonda

Self-employed carpenter - Mapepala Musonda
The following story details how donations to Vision Aid Overseas helped self-employed Carpenter, Mapepala Musonda get back to work. Mapepala is a 57 year old carpenter from Chipulukusu, Zambia. He works hard to be able to support himself and his family. He has always enjoyed creating and constructing from wood. Before visiting the Vision Centre at Ndola in Zambia, Mapepala was experiencing increasing difficulties with his vision and was not able to see his measuring tape properly. Thanks to donations to Vision Aid Overseas, such as those made by Retrospecced customers, Mapepala was prescribed with a pair of glasses to correct his vision straight away. Mapepala was overjoyed to be able to see properly again and said: “I will now be able to measure and read without a problem.” Without clear vision children can’t learn to get an education and adults can’t earn to care for their families and contribute to their communities. However, you can make all the difference today by purchasing your next pair of frames from Retrospecced, or making a direct donation today.

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