Second Hand September

Second Hand September

September is the month of all things secondhand and our team here at Retrospecced have been celebrating the items in our lives that have passed through several pairs of hands.

We’re all about giving everything a second chance (or even a third or a fourth!) so we're here to champion all things pre-loved this Secondhand September - although that doesn't mean we’re going to stop shouting about hand-me-downs all year long!

So what's it all about?

Secondhand September was started by Oxfam and encourages us to rethink our shopping habits and choose slow fashion. Whilst it is pretty easy to pop into your local highstreet shop and nab a mass-produced bargain, the benefits of second hand purchases are paramount. Not only do you save your wardrobe from being filled with yet another cheaply made garment produced on an industrial scale and shipped across the globe, you often find pieces with an incredible history.

We know that scrolling aimlessly through ebay and traipsing through charity shops can be tiresome (and slightly jarring in a COVID world…) but we believe that second hand is the only way forward.

"The best secondhand item I've bought is an off-road pram we’ve just got for my baby. We’ve tried to get as much stuff as possible second hand for her - from her crib to the changing table and most of her clothes! It just seems silly to buy most things new because she'll outgrow them so quickly!" Lucy

Let's look at the facts...

According to Green Queen, since 2017, there has been a 31% increase in the number of preloved fashion items listed on ebay. What's more, while fast fashion is expected to continue to grow 20% in the next 10 years, second hand fashion is expected to grow 185% (The Conversation). In fact, the equivalent weight of 900 double-decker buses was saved from landfill in 2020 (Fashion United).

These changes in how we purchase our clothes could have a huge impact. Amazingly, increasing the lifespan of a garment for around 9 months longer eliminates its environmental impact by between 20% and 30% (Green Queen) so if you stumble across a vintage pair of glasses that has been worn by countless owners, you are helping the planet out and that is pretty cool.

"Almost all our furniture is secondhand. It feels really good not just to find a bargain but to prevent items that still have a lot of life in them from going to landfill. My favourite piece is this table from Made found on marketplace - so chic!" Emma

A dreamy combination

We love the fact that shopping secondhand means you can find precious vintage pieces AND you save the planet a little, as these are two of our main focuses here at Retrospecced.

Vintage finds are always the best as there's something exciting about buying an item with a story to tell. Whether it's a jumper, a piece of furniture or a pair of glasses (shameless plug!), when you shop second hand, you are playing a part in an object's life - you are a temporary guardian until a new one comes along!


Secondhand never looked so good

We have a range of incredible glasses available from all walks of life but one thing is guaranteed: you will be giving them a second chance! Pretty much all of the frames that come through the Retrospecced doors would otherwise have ended up in landfill and they are far too beautiful for that!

So grab a pair of our funky frames to add an item with a difference to your wardrobe and make it the secondhand piece that everyone is talking about.

"My favourite secondhand item is definitely my violin. There is something so special about playing an instrument that has been passed down through generations and I love the fact that I am just a short chapter in its life before it goes on to be played by someone else." Agnes

Looking to the future...

So whether it's a shirt to wear to the office, an armchair for curling up with a book, a winter coat for the fast-approaching cold weather, or an autumnal orange scarf, BUY IT SECONDHAND!

It will probably cost you less, it will have a story to tell and it will be a step in the right direction for the planet.

Happy Secondhand September from the Retrospecced team!

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