Love your eyes

Love your eyes

Today is World Sight Day and we are here to spread the word.

Eye health is more important than you might think. Obviously we need to read, write and be able to gaze into the distance but eye sight runs much deeper than just that. Poor eye health can dramatically impact our standard of living and general state of happiness. Neglected eyes can leave us with less opportunities and limited possibilities.

We're not just selling glasses

Here at Retrospecced, we are all about funky frames and cool style that has the environment in mind. However, we are also comitted to supporting global charities who are putting eye health first.

The Lions Club and Vision Aid Overseas do fantastic work to promote eye care. Across the globe, they have pledged to carry out and encourage eye tests, to give out glasses where possible, and to educate children in the importance of healthy eyes.

Often, they find a child who is but an eye test away from achieving their dream; for instance Billal who simply couldn't see the blackboard and was being held back in school.'

World Sight Day 2022

As one of our five vital senses and one of the main ways in which we see and experience the world, eye sight must be a top priority when it comes to health and standard of living. We must encourage one another to #loveyoureyes

That is what World Sight Day is all about. Eye health has been recognised by the WHO and UN as critical in ensuring we acheive the Sustainable Development Goals so we must spread the word.

'From pledging to help reach our five million sight test goal to asking your networks and ambassadors to post selfies in #LoveYourEyes heart glasses, you are reminding everyone to take care of their eyes.​'



Retro 1940s-1950s gold metal frames

By choosing a pair of vintage frames you are contributing to this movement. Buying some vintage mens eyeglasses here in the UK so that you can read in style, means an eye test for someone in Sierra Leone; taking a chance on an eco-friendly pair of desginer womens sunglasses, can lead to a career as a clinician for someone in Zambia.

What's hip for you is healthy for someone else.


Warby Parker mottled specs

Get your hands on designer glasses frames and give the basic human right of sight to another. Swap high street plastic specs for vintage retro glasses and help change unthinkable stats like this one:

'75% of blindness and moderate to severe vision impairment (MSVI) is preventable'

The fight for sight!

Whilst we scroll through the internet and traipse through the high street to search for clothes and accessories to add to our wardrobes, we must dig a little deeper. Not into our pockets, but into our minds. We must think about the impact a purchase can have, we must consider others across the globe and, most importantly we need to join the fight in ensuring that everyone has access to a basic right like sight.

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