It's festival season

It's festival season

We were lucky enough to attend the legendary Glastonbury this year.

And it was epic.

After such a long time apart from people, faces and crowds, it was incredible to escape the virtual arena and enter a real one.

Let's get physical

Glasses are tactile, physical products and - despite operating on a mostly online basis - we pride ourselves on the up close and personal moments we get with our customers. As such, we welcomed our little stall at Glastonbury with welcome arms.

It was amazing to be a part of such a fun, eclectic mix of people and stalls. And so exciting to share our eyewear at such an iconic event. Although in a small way, we were part of the Glastonbury show and it was fab.

Retro specs and raving music

It was pretty cool to work a shift in the shop and then pop over to a live show - if only every normal work day was like that! Selling glasses with Paul McCartney, Diana Ross and Herbie Hancock as your background music certainly never gets old.

What's more, the incredible Greta Thunberg - the Queen of Environment and sustainability - was there! She filled us with immense pride and inspiration.

Festival frames

On offer, we had designer eyeglass frames for women including our classy retro cat eye glasses to make those festival outfits pop and big vintage glasses frames that were ideal for a 60's inspired look.

But of course there was plenty for the lads too! Sunglasses frames for men to be paired with funky shirts and shorts and - for the classier crowd - old fashioned glasses frames ideal for spying who was on the Pyramid stage.

It was amazing to see our products leave the shelves and head out into the crowds. Just like that, we watched our vintage glasses start their next chapter.

We still have a wide range of glasses frames brands on offer that are perfect for the festival season. There are plenty on our website so go and check it out!

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