How to Match Your Frames with Your Outfit

How to Match Your Frames with Your Outfit

If there’s one accessory that can tie the whole look together, it’s definitely glasses. They frame your face, enhance its shape and highlight your features, so it’s only natural you’d want them to work in your favor. While some women look past the form and only pick their shades based on their sole function as eye protection, a lot of them go an extra mile just to find a pair that perfectly matches their style. You’ve probably already noticed how some colors look better on you, and how different shapes complement your face structure. That and a couple of other tips can really help you choose the frames that perfectly match your outfit and make you look stylish. Let’s dive in!

Identify your skin tone

The first step towards selecting the right frames is identifying your skin tone. Unlike our skin’s complexion, our undertones don’t change with the seasons, and they’re the ones that determine which clothes, glasses, and makeup look good on us and which ones don’t. Now, identifying your undertones may be a hassle, but it can really help you find the glasses that will highlight your best features. Your eye and hair color could help you figure out whether you’ve got cool or warm undertones while checking the color of your veins is another tried-and-true test to determine your skin tone. Also, consider the sun’s effects on your skin and whether your skin tends to burn and turn pink when you’re out in the sun, or whether your skin gets a golden-brown shade instead. After you’ve figured out your undertones, get glasses that complement your skin tone, e.g. girls with warm undertones should get matching, warm-colored glasses, and vice versa.

Pay attention to your accessories

Color-coordination is key to all good outfits, but color-coordinating your frames and accessories is going to take your outfit to another level and result in a perfect, polished look. The first thing to consider is the size of the ornaments. Now, if your frames are thicker or already draw attention due to their color or design, it’s best to stick with accessories that are subtle and minimalistic in design. Avoid blingy, large jewellery pieces and rather opt for a pair of studs and a nice scarf as a way to perfectly frame your face. On the other hand, if your frames are more on the subtle side, you could opt for more flashy pieces such as statement earrings or a bold necklace. Another thing to consider is the color of the ornaments. If you tend to wear a lot of gold jewelry, make sure you get glasses that have gold detailing on their frames, and if you usually wear funky, bright accessories, choose your frames with that in mind.

Wardrobe as the main inspiration

Now, this next step should be your main focus, and it’s about defining your personal style. Take a look at your closet and assess your clothes. Do you notice a certain pattern, a theme, or a color scheme that you’re particularly drawn to? Is there something in your wardrobe that you can use to draw inspiration from when purchasing eyewear? When it comes to your personal style, visual representation is everything, and if there are glasses you’re particularly drawn to but can’t really find garments in your closet to match them with, maybe you can browse an online fashion store for some inspiration. Chances are, you’ll find some cute pieces that perfectly match your vision, and end up getting both new eyewear and some new clothes that perfectly complement them.

Consider the occasion

Before you go and browse for some stylish glasses, there is another thing to consider, and that is – your lifestyle and all the different occasions you will wear your glasses to. This is important because it’ll largely affect the style, color, and shape of the glasses you will ultimately get. Standard black and metallic frames are perfect for creating a classy, professional look, but you would achieve a similar effect if you went for rimless glasses. If you’re working in a creative field and need eyewear that will stand out, go for oversized, round, cat-eye, or colourful glasses that reflect a creative spirit. And if you happen to be going out for a casual hang-out with friends and need the perfect pair, look no further than horn-rimmed frames or a pair of classic aviators.

A pair of quality glasses acts as a finishing touch to an outfit. They give you that je ne sais quoi appeal, and coordinating your frames with your outfit is a great way to achieve a cohesive, effortlessly chic look. Use the tips above to dress up both casual and elegant combinations, and ensure you look stylish and cool all year round.

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