50s Fashion Frames

50s Fashion Frames

Here at Retrospecced we love a pair of ‘retro’ specs, and we know our customers do too. So we have got a list together of our favourite 50s styles.

Read on to see your favourite frames on some pretty famous faces and the chance to get your own authentic vintage pair!


This is arguably the most famous frame to come out of the 50s. The frame quickly became synonymous with all of the movie stars of the day. However, it’s not just the celebrities of the past who decided to rock this style. Today’s celebrities still favour the frame, with stars such as Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese repping the retro look. Join them - https://www.retrospecced.co.uk/shop/retro/cat-eye-black-brow-champagne-bridge/


Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a pair of horn-rimmed frames!

This image above is of actor George Reeves playing Clark Kent, whilst wearing his famous “disguise”. Although many of the frames were dubbed ‘tortoiseshell’ they were mainly made out of plastic. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on Superman’s specs? Check out our range of vintage NHS style - https://www.retrospecced.co.uk/shop/retro/retro-nhs-524-frames-tortoiseshell-acetate/

Browline Glasses

These were a follow on from the above horn-rimmed and NHS styles; people didn’t just want the option of the tortoiseshell effect anymore. So opticians began offering models that allowed wearers to switch off the caps to coordinate to different outfits. Ultimately, browline glasses accounted for half of all eyeglasses sold and worn in the 1950s! Make like Malcolm - https://www.retrospecced.co.uk/shop/retro/1950s-mens-tortoiseshell-metal-frames/

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

These heavy black-rimmed glasses (also known as G-man specs) were also popular with the art crowd at the time. In 1952, Ray-Ban released the well-recognised Wayfarer. It was a thick plastic framed style with a more ‘masculine’ feel, which was made even cooler by James Dean. Steal his style here - https://www.retrospecced.co.uk/shop/designer/ray-ban-black-wayfarer-thicker-sides/

Remember you can make your 50s frames into a stunning pair of sunnies or prescription glasses by simply opting to have optical or tinted lenses at the checkout.


What decade shall we feature next? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, be sure to take a look at our range of mens vintage glasses and womens vintage glasses.

Blog post by the ever-lovely Paris Richardson. Thanks!

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